4 Ways To Add Physical Cyber Security To Your Small Business

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Proper cyber security for your small business will often include a lot of safety measures added to computer equipment and operating systems, but business cyber security also includes physical elements. Physical security is just as important as digital and will safeguard your small business even further.

Consider some of the ways to add physical cyber security to your business and ensure protection for years to come in the future.

1. Locked IT Room

Your small business may include key equipment like internet servers, Wi-Fi routers, or security cameras. When you have a specific location for the equipment, you should keep the area locked and secure to prevent unwanted physical access.

Along with a key lock, you could add an extra layer of protection with access card locks. Assign credentials to everyone's access card so only specific employees can access the room. A motion camera could also monitor the area so you receive instant alerts whenever the IT equipment is accessed.

2. Locked Equipment

Along with limited access to an IT room, you should consider a storage cabinet for work equipment. Portable equipment like laptops and tablets may have built-in security software, but you do not want the hardware to get into the wrong hands. For equipment that stays at your business, consider a locked storage cabinet.

Many of the cabinets feature built-in chargers so your equipment is fully charged for the next business day if needed.

3. Employee Training

The cyber security you have is only as good as the knowledge your employees have. When you hire a cyber security company, look into training courses that the employees can take. Through training, employees will learn how to safeguard their equipment and the best methods for password protection.

An in-person or video meeting offers direct contact and is an ideal way to showcase the learning rather than just reading through standard security protocols. Take the training one step further, but showcasing hands-on methods to lock laptops, secure firewalls, and ensure all of the data remains protected.

4. Back-Up Servers

If your business relies on a lot of digital information, then consider the installation of a backup server. If your data has been hacked or compromised in any way, the backup server allows you to restore your data and keep your business running. You could keep a complete backup on the cloud, but a physical server adds another layer of protection.

Work with a cyber security team to set up the best options for your business. Likewise, contact a cyber security company for more information. 


1 September 2021

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