4 Key Elements Of An IT Server Room Monitoring System


The server room is the heart of a business's IT operations. Any failure in this room brings the business to a halt because it brings down all IT resources. The server room faces risks, including heat, humidity, and fire. There are also risks from humans in the form of sabotage and theft. Many businesses overlook the importance of guarding and have many regrets when risks materialize. Deploying an IT server room monitoring system can play a big role in securing this vital facility.

18 October 2021

4 Ways To Add Physical Cyber Security To Your Small Business

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Proper cyber security for your small business will often include a lot of safety measures added to computer equipment and operating systems, but business cyber security also includes physical elements. Physical security is just as important as digital and will safeguard your small business even further. Consider some of the ways to add physical cyber security to your business and ensure protection for years to come in the future. 1. Locked IT Room

1 September 2021