4 Key Elements Of An IT Server Room Monitoring System


The server room is the heart of a business's IT operations. Any failure in this room brings the business to a halt because it brings down all IT resources. The server room faces risks, including heat, humidity, and fire. There are also risks from humans in the form of sabotage and theft. Many businesses overlook the importance of guarding and have many regrets when risks materialize. Deploying an IT server room monitoring system can play a big role in securing this vital facility. What are the essential elements of such a system?

1. Temperature Monitoring

Servers are energy-intensive equipment. The fact that they are placed closely in racks makes the server room one of the hottest spaces on the premises. In many cases, this room is cooled using sophisticated air-conditioning; in some cases, high-security server rooms have nitrogen-cooled systems.

Any competent IT server room monitoring must have temperature monitoring to warn when critical temperatures happen. Keeping temperatures low and stable keeps the equipment operating at optimal levels.

2. Smoke Detection

The numerous electrical connections in the server room present a fire hazard. A failure of the cooling system can also raise the possibility of a fire. It is vital to protect the server room against fire since the destruction of this equipment does much more damage beyond physical equipment damage.

Fire detection is a key element of a good IT server room monitoring system. Smoke detectors play a vital role in sending out signals of a fire breakout. They also trigger the fire suppression system to limit the spread of the fire.

3. Humidity Monitoring

Computing equipment, like other electronics, is meant to operate within a specific humidity range. When humidity levels are very high, there is a risk of moisture infiltration, which causes corrosion and shorts. When moisture is too low, there are risks of electrostatic discharge and attendant equipment failure.

A capable IT server room monitoring system will have humidity monitoring to warn when the levels exceed the set limits.

4. Video Surveillance

The server room is a favorite target for malicious parties, including hackers, vandals, and saboteurs. It holds precious data, and the equipment is also expensive. Video surveillance is a key component of an IT server room monitoring system to monitor who comes and goes.

Video surveillance with motion detection is more desirable because it warns of intrusion in real-time. In addition, the video surveillance system can have remote monitoring and control capabilities to enable 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

Are you worried about the security of your critical server equipment? Talk to a security systems installer about an IT server room monitoring system suitable for your security needs.

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18 October 2021

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