3 Commericial Security Options Ideal For Remote Locations


Not all businesses have locations on the main street in the local towns. Your company could be on the outskirts of town or have smaller offices located in remote locations. The reason for your location doesn't matter, but the security you have at the location will matter. With a remote location, you may not have the same infrastructure or resources as a regular business.

Thankfully, you still have plenty of options for your business security. Check out some of the security features ideal for remote locations and how those security features can help ensure your business remains protected.

1. Solar-Powered Security Stations

If you seek outdoor security in a remote location, then you may not have the constant power resources to monitor parking lots and the exterior of a building. A solar-powered security station can provide everything your business needs to increase security on the premises. The solar power access allows you to put the security station almost anywhere with direct sun access.

The power collected by the solar panels will help operate your security system. Built-in batteries can store and supply power throughout the night so you can keep your business protected. The cameras built into the security station can cover a wide range like a parking lot and include features like night vision.

2. Satellite Security Connections

Access to security footage and live feeds will provide essential security needs. You may have staff who monitor the security or you may rely on a security company to monitor the feeds for you. Either way, you need a secure connection. At a remote location, you may not have direct access to broadband or wireless internet.

As an alternative, you can invest in satellite security connections. Your security system can use a satellite to connect to a cloud-based system. Through the connection, you can watch live streams and ensure you have 24-hour access to live security feeds.

3. Two-Way Communication Features

If you run into security issues at a remote location, you may have trouble reaching the location within a reasonable amount of time. To help mitigate any issues, you could install industrial security systems that feature two-way communication features. With two-way communication, you can talk to someone at the security station directly through an app or computer.

Two-way communication allows you to talk clearly, ask questions, and figure out specific situations. People can easily answer back and you can handle situations as needed.

Check out all of the features found in industrial surveillance systems like Video Security Solutions Inc.  to help with your remote business.


29 June 2023

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